L’unione tra Donna e Animale

Direttamente dall’Ungheria, Flora Borsi, nata nel 1994, è emersa dal web attraverso la sua creatività ed il suo punto di vista "animalesco".

Miraggi [EN]

Alexander Yakovlev is a Moscow based dance photographer with an eye for capturing beauty within motion. He has perfected the ability to transform frozen imagery into silent performances.

Cosa c’entra la notte col sonno? [EN]

Louis Dazy is a 27 years old photographer French photographer actually based in Melbourne. He shoots mainly on film and loves to play with multiple exposures. He composes breathtaking scenes of the city, it’s people and street signs.

Dove le parole falliscono [EN]

Dominic Liam creates spellbinding silhouette compositions. His photographs are mesmerizing, capturing the beauty of nature. Dominic Liam, was born and bred in the UK, but currently resides in Athens, Greece.

Una porta su un altro mondo [EN]

Luisa Azevedo, young artist from Portugal, settles brilliant surreal works.

Delizie colorate [EN]

Josie, a Vegan foodie, displays the technicolor side through eclectic arrangements of vegan ingredients.